• A Welcoming Home for Humanists

    Ethical Societies are where Humanists, Non-theists, Agnostics, Atheists, Believers, and Non-believers join together to put "Deed Above Creed."
  • Fighting for Civil & Human Rights

    We strive to act so as to bring out the best in others and thereby in ourselves.
  • Exploring Meaning in Life

    We value the importance of living an ethical, responsible, and joyful life.

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AEU Viewpoints

August 18 -- The American Ethical Union signed on to a joint letter with the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) and other Humanist organizations to protest Bangladeshi bloggers murders. The letter makes four demands of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and President Abdul Hamid: for better security of those under threat, to “instruct the police to find the killers, not to harass or blame the victims”, for political isolation of their own party members who are calling for “death penalties” against atheist bloggers, and for repeal of those sections of the penal code which are described as enacting “quasi-blasphemy” laws for restricting free expression on religion. Read letter on IHEU website here.

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Ethical Humanism

Ethical Humanism/Ethical Culture is a moral faith that respects the dignity and worth of all life.
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Ethical Action

Ethical Action enables us to help create a better world for all who share it.
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Ethical Education

Ethical Education programming provides life-long learning for life-long growth.
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AEU Board Meetings

18 Sep 2015 | 06:00 pm

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23 Oct 2015 | 07:00 pm

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06 Nov 2015 | 04:00 pm

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We Are Not Spock: Why We Aren’t Convinced By Data

Posted on 15 Aug 2015

An Ethical Humanist Philosophy

Posted on 25 Jul 2015

Humanist Anti-Racist Activism

Posted on 11 Jul 2015


Creating a Meaningful Life

This Faith Perspectives column by Leader Kate Lovelady was printed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on August 24, 2015. Humanism believes that human beings were not consciously created by any force or for any purpose that we can determine. Rather, all the evidence suggests that we...
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AEU Panelists at Common Ground 2015

Understanding & Cooperation between Religious Believers & Humanists for Social Progress Thursday, October 8, 8:45am – 6pm Rutgers Student Center • 126 College Ave, New Brunswick, NJ Click here for event flyer with schedule. Panel includes Ethical Culture Leaders...
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People’s Climate Movement: A Call to Action

Last year we made history. This year we start building the future. Click here to take action. Note: The AEU signed up to take action on the below announcements sent from the People’s Climate Movement. We encourage individuals and Societies to join us in sponsoring and...
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