The Visiting Leaders Bureau is a service offered by the National Leaders Council of the American Ethical Union. The goal of the Bureau is to send more Leaders to more Societies more frequently for workshops and Platform Talks. The AEU Board set up a fund to help with expenses so that the Societies are only responsible for $75 per day (payable by check and sent to the AEU) and providing hospitality, if needed. The AEU office will help arrange visits after a request is submitted.

  • James Croft

    JamesCroftJames Croft is Outreach Leader at the Ethical Society of St. Louis. He studied education at the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard, and completed his Doctorate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His writing can be found in The Humanist magazine and on Huffington Post. James was raised on Shakespeare, Sagan, and Star Trek, and is a proud, gay Humanist.
    Lives in St. Louis, MO — Will travel anywhere in USA
    Topics: Activism, Arts & Culture, Humanism, Human Rights, Science & Psychology

    Recent Platform Talks
    Coming Out, Coming Home
    Beyond Human: The Transhumanist Movement and You
    We Should All Be Protesters
    The Science of Transcendence
    What Would You Live For?
    Leaving Home, Finding Yourself
    We Are Our Environment
    Recent Workshops
    These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For: Jedi Mind Tricks for Activists (a workshop on persuasion)
    Public Narrative and Storytelling
    Public Speaking
    Creative Platform Ideas


    Read James’ latest articles on his Patheos blog.

  • Michael Franch

    MichaelFranchDr. Michael Franch served as Leader of the Baltimore Ethical Society from 1975-1984 and remains active in the National Leaders Council. He is currently affiliate minister at the First Unitarian Church, Baltimore. A historian by training, until his 2007 retirement he worked in health policy at the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Mike is a storyteller, concertina player, English country dancer and caller, and an urban bicyclist.
    Lives in Baltimore, MD — Will travel up to 200 miles one way
    Topics: Arts & Culture, Religion & Philosophy

    Recent Platform Talks
    Our Stuff, Our Stories: What Our Things Tell about Our Lives and Our Values
    Even the Black Sheep Has a Shrine: Discovering Hidden Worth in Our Families and Ourselves
    Happy Holidays! Joyous, Problematic December
    Practicing My Religion on Facebook: Conversations Across Ideological Barriers
    C is for Connection: The Alphabet of Religion
  • Anne Klaeysen

    AnneKlaeysenDr. Anne Klaeysen is a Leader at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, the Ethical Humanist Religious Life Adviser at Columbia University, and the Humanist Chaplain at New York University (NYU). She is also co-dean of The Humanist Institute and serves on the board of Sunday Assembly NYC. She holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in pastor counseling from Hebrew Union College, as well as Masters degrees in German from the State University New York Albany and business administration from NYU.

    Lives in Brooklyn, NY — Will travel anywhere in USA
    Topics: Activism, Arts & Culture, Ethical Culture, Humanism, Human Rights, Religion & Philosophy, Social Justice

    Recent Platform Talks
    White Privilege: A Wake-Up Call
    Ethics of Poetry (April is Poetry Month)
    The Struggle to Forgive and Be Forgiven
    Appreciative Inquiry: An Ethical Approach to Life’s Challenges
    Dutch Humanists Spinoza and Erasmus
    John Lovejoy Elliott: A Neighbor to All
    Working Women Worldwide
    Recent Workshops
    Appreciative Inquiry
    Ethical Parenting


    Read Anne’s Leader Messages in NYSEC’s Ethical Outlook and blog posts.

  • Richard Koral

    RichardKoralRichard Koral is a Leader at New York Society for Ethical Culture. He holds B.A., J.D., and D.Min. degrees and attended The Humanist Institute. Richard is a long-time member of the Westchester Society, an active committee and task force member, and served as president of the American Ethical Union Board from 2012 to 2015. He is also currently a part-time counselor with the Scarsdale Family Counseling Service.

    Lives in South Salem, NY — Will travel anywhere in USA
    Topics: Environmentalism, Ethical Culture, Humanism, Religion & Philosophy, Social Justice

    Recent Platform Talks
    Introduction to Ethical Culture
    Conventional Wisdom, Fashion and the Known World, or How do We Know What We Know?
    The Importance [or not?] of Traditions
    So, Who was Felix Adler, Anyway?
    Reaction to the Violence in Charleston, South Carolina
    The Certainty of Uncertainty, or What is Your Tolerance for Ambiguity?
    Why Did They Do That? Ethics in a Time of Business Amorality
  • Kate Lovelady

    KateLoveladyKate Lovelady is the Leader at Ethical Society of St. Louis. She attended Northwestern University. Kate attended the AEU Lay Leadership Summer School as a participant in 2000 and was on staff from 2004-14. Her hobbies include native gardening, biking, and vegan cooking.

    Lives in St. Louis, MO — Will travel anywhere in USA
    Topics: Activism, Education, Environmentalism, Ethical Culture, Humanism, Religion & Philosophy, Science & Psychology

    Recent Platform Talks
    Ethical Humanism and Atheism
    Ethical Humanism and Greek Philosophy
    Sustainable Community
    The Constitution as Sacred Text
    Violence as Entertainment
    Ethical Sex
    21st Century Feminism
    Creating a Meaningful Life
    Recent Workshops
    Organizational Development
    Mindfulness Meditation
    Ethical Communication
    Starting a Mindfulness Group
    Starting a Small-group Discussion Circle Program
    Inspiring Greater Giving


    Read more on St. Louis website and St. Louis Post-Dispatch articles.

  • Amanda Poppei

    AmandaPoppeiAmanda Poppei is the Senior Leader at Washington Ethical Society. She has a Masters of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC and a BA in Religious Studies from Yale University. Amanda serves on the Strategy Team of the Washington Interfaith Network and is active in justice and anti-oppression work.

    Lives in Silver Spring, MD — Will travel anywhere in USA
    Topics: Activism, Education, Ethical Culture, Humanism, Religion & Philosophy, Science & Psychology, Social Justice

    Recent Platform Talks
    Choice, Free Will, and Judas’ Dilemma
    Bringing Equality Home
    At the Corner of Church and State
    The Creative Impulse: It’s Not Just Art
    Changing Hearts and Minds
    What Makes Us Human
    Recent Workshops
    Path to Membership
    Welcoming and Hospitality
    Building Multigenerational Community
    Black Lives Matter
    Social Justice


    Read more about Amanda on WES website.

  • Susan Rose

    SusanRoseSusan Rose is the Dean of Leadership Training and serves on the Board of the Humanist Institute. Susan Rose was raised in Ethical Culture, attending the Children’s Sunday Assembly at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture from the age of three. She is trained as an interfaith health care chaplain. Susan also offers Platforms, workshops, and counseling regarding advance medical planning, end-of-life issues, and memorial services.

    Lives in Cambridge, MA — Will travel anywhere in USA
    Topics: Education, Ethical Culture, Humanism, Religion & Philosophy, Science & Psychology

    Recent Platform Talks
    A Year of Living Ethically
    Keeping our Kids in Ethical Culture
    Simple Living
    Recent Workshops
    Advance Planning for Medical Directives
    Planning Your Own Memorial Service
    Ethical Issues for Simple Living
  • Hugh Taft-Morales

    HughTaft-MoralesHugh Taft-Morales is the Leader of Baltimore Ethical Society and Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia. Hugh graduated from Yale University in 1979 and earned a Masters in Philosophy from University of Kent at Canterbury. In April of 2009 he graduated from The Humanist Institute. Hugh taught philosophy and history for twenty-five years in Washington, DC, after which he transitioned into Ethical Culture Leadership.
    Lives in Takoma Park, MD — Will travel anywhere in USA
    Topics: Activism, Education, Environmentalism, Ethical Culture, Humanism, Religion & Philosophy, Social Justice

    Recent Platform Talks
    Be Honest with Death
    Transgender Progress
    John Lovejoy Elliott
    Ethics and Sports
    Humanist Spirituality
    Wall of Separation between Church & State
    The Earth as Ethical Icon
    Ethical Culture as More than Religion
    White Racial Justice Activism
    Why Animals Matter
    Ethical Policing
    Recent Workshops
    Ethical Culture History
    Ethical Culture Values
    Organizational Development




    Read more about Hugh on Philadelphia website and Baltimore website.

  • Bart Worden

    BartWordenWhiteBackgroundBart Worden is the Executive Director of American Ethical Union and Clergy Leader of Ethical Culture Society of Westchester. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy of Religion from Hope College, a master’s degree in Social Work from New York University, and is a graduate of the Humanist Institute. He currently serves on the boards of the Humanist Institute and Institute for Humanist Studies. Bart has worked in human services as a Social Worker for over thirty years with a focus on serving individuals with psychiatric disabilities.

    Lives in Ossining, NY — Will travel anywhere in USA
    Topics: Activism, Education, Ethical Culture, Humanism, Social Justice

    Recent Platform Talks
    Working for a Better Future
    An Ethical Humanist Approach to Life
    Organizational Partnering for Social Caring and Social Justice
    Recent Workshops
    Action Planning for Organizational Effectiveness


    Read more about Bart and his Leaders Messages on the Westchester website.

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