**More resources and archives will be added throughout 2016. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, contact L Miller at 212-873-6500 or lmiller@aeu.org.

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Articles and archived speeches on Ethical Culture, Humanism, and various topics by influential Ethical Culture Leaders and members including Felix Adler, John Lovejoy Elliott, Algernon Black, Florence Klaber, and many more.
Books written by acclaimed Ethical Culture Leaders and members.
Ethical Action Reports (EAR), produced by the Ethical Action Committee, educate us on ethical issues and inspire action. Each highlights Society projects and national campaigns that help us create a more humane world.
Platform Talks are presentations or speeches given by a Leader or layperson to educate, stimulate personal growth, inspire reflection and action, and build a sense of community.
Resolutions take stands or propose action by the AEU on ethical issues. They are adopted by a vote of delegates at an Assembly. Some are statements from the AEU Board or the National Leaders Council adopted between sessions of the Assembly as needed.
Statements take stands or propose action on ethical issues and are written by the AEU Board, the National Leaders Council, or Society Representatives but are not adopted as Resolutions.
Our Visiting Leaders Bureau enables Ethical Societies to request a Leader for a workshop or Platform talk. See information on available Leaders and their list of recent Platform and Workshop titles.