Thank you for joining our 105th AEU Assembly. Below is information on what will be discussed at the business meeting, reports from across the Movement, and more (everything is a link or PDF except for some doc/xls downloads).

Voting will be conducted electronically. The final details are still being refined, and will be available well in advance of the business meeting on Saturday, August 1. Delegates will receive an email at the address provided when they were registered as Delegates by their Society providing them with access to the voting system. The Presidents’ listserv will be notified when these emails have been sent to the Delegates, so that each Society may verify with its Delegates that they all have access to the voting system.

Note that due to the electronic format of the meeting, it is especially important that amendments and alternative proposals be available in advance of the business meeting. People who would like to present amendments or alternatives to the proposed bylaws amendments, to the budget, to resolutions, to the Assembly 2021 proposal, or to any other matters of business are strongly encouraged to attend one or more of the meetings that have been scheduled for the purpose. If it is not possible to attend a session, please contact the following people:

  • Bylaws Amendments and Policy Changes – Sonja Kueppers,
  • Budget and Finance – Tom Castelnuovo,
  • Assembly 2021 – John McCormick,
  • Resolutions – Casey Gardonio-Foat,
  • Board Candidates – Sue Walton,