Family Day with Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

10 Jan 2021 | 03:30 pm - 04:30 pm
Cost : FREE

At Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, our Ethics for Children program is based on 5 core principals – Care for self, family, community, earth, and world. While all of these areas of our lives are essential, the challenges of the past year have highlighted just how important community is to our sense of wellbeing. Community buoys our resilience, enriches our lives and connects us even when we have to be apart.

With this in mind, our Ethics for Children program is pleased to invite you to a family event Celebrating Community! Join us for a zoom afternoon of interactive fun featuring art, theatre, and games – all with a spotlight on community.

This is a family event, so kids; please bring one of your favorite fun loving adults. Thanks to the magic of the internet, family members can attend from different locations and different devices.

Register FREE here!

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