2020-2021 Board of Directors

  • Sonja Kueppers (Washington DC) — President
  • Elizabeth Singer (New York) — Vice President
  • Tom Castelnuovo (Brooklyn) — Treasurer
  • Casey Gardonio-Foat (St Louis) — Secretary
  • Ken Novak (Chicago)
  • Liz Collier (Riverdale-Yonkers)
  • Bill Aul (Mid Rivers)
  • Jon Meador (Austin)
  • Anne Klaeysen — NLC President Liaison
  • Jé Hooper — NLC Vice-President Liaison
  • Julia Julstrom-Agoyo — FES Liaison
  • Bart Worden — AEU Executive Director, Board ex-officio

AEU Committees

Assembly – Plans and coordinates the AEU national Assemblies
Co-Chairs: Carolyn Parker (Austin) & Law’nence Miller (AEU)

Board Development – Strengthens the AEU’s governance and leadership by recruiting candidates for the AEU board and identifying potential AEU board officers
Chair: Sue Walton (Chicago)

Communications – Publicizes the Societies, Affiliates, Committees, programs, and ethical issues supported by the AEU
Chair: Casey Gardonio-Foat (St Louis)

Ethical Action – Educates AEU, Societies, and public on how to promote personal moral development and social responsibility through direct assistance, social action, and public advocacy
Chair: Carolyn Parker (Austin)

Ethical Education – Promotes and organizes lifelong Ethical Culture curriculum
Chair: Trish Cowan (St. Louis)

Fundraising – Researches, develops, and recommends plans for AEU’s financial health, including development of fundraising initiatives and ethical fundraising standards
Richard Koral (New York & Long Island)

Leadership – Responsible for training Leaders (the clergy of the Ethical Movement), Chaplains, and Officiants who officiate at weddings and other ceremonies. Ethical Culture Leaders promote a deeper understanding of Ethical Culture/Ethical Humanism and work with the Movement to inspire more ethical living.
Interim Leadership Training Dean & Team Leader: Randy Best (Northern Virginia), Training Committee Chair: Kate Lovelady (St. Louis), Chair: Liz Collier (Riverdale-Yonkers)

Mediation & Law – Provides legal support and conflict resolution when needed
Co-Chairs: Richard Koral (Westchester), Arnold Fishman (Philadelphia)

Membership – Promotes the growth and development of existing and future Ethical Culture Societies, to assist in enhancing their effectiveness, and to seek to increase membership
Chair: John Daken (Washington DC)

New Society Development – Assists groups interested in becoming Ethical Societies
Chair: Bill Aul (Mid Rivers)

Personnel – Evaluates staff, updates the Employee Handbook, reviews concerns from staff and sets up a mechanism for redress
Chair: Elizabeth Singer (New York)

Humanists International Representative: Anya Overmann (St Louis & FES)