2018-2019 Board of Directors

  • John McCormick (Philadelphia) — President
  • Tom Castelnuovo (Brooklyn) — Vice President
  • Ken Novak (Chicago) — Treasurer
  • Jill Aul (Mid Rivers) — Secretary
  • Bob Gordon (Bergen)
  • Martina Brunner (Westchester)
  • Sharon Stanley (Long Island)
  • Sonja Kueppers (Washington DC)
  • Liz Singer (New York)
  • Hugh Taft-Morales (Baltimore, Philadelphia) — NLC President Liaison
  • Randy Best (Northern Virginia) — NLC Vice-President Liaison
  • Bart Worden — AEU Executive Director, Board ex-officio

2018-19 AEU Board Meetings

December 1, 9am at NYSEC
January 26, 10am Phone Conference
March 23, 9am at NYSEC
May 18, 9am at NYSEC
June 20 at AEU Assembly in Tampa, Florida

NYSEC=New York Society for Ethical Culture

AEU Committees

Assembly – Plans and coordinates the AEU national Assemblies
Co-Chairs: Carolyn Parker (Austin) & Law’nence Miller (AEU)

Board Development – Strengthens the AEU’s governance and leadership by recruiting candidates for the AEU board and identifying potential AEU board officers
Chair: Sue Walton (Chicago)

Communications – Publicizes the Societies, Affiliates, Committees, programs, and ethical issues supported by the AEU
Chair: Ken Novak (Chicago)

Ethical Action – Educates AEU, Societies, and public on how to promote personal moral development and social responsibility through direct assistance, social action, and public advocacy
Chair: Carolyn Parker (Austin) & Bob Gordon (Bergen)

Ethical Education – Promotes and organizes lifelong Ethical Culture curriculum
Chair: Sonja Kueppers (Washington DC), Youth of Ethical Societies (YES) Coordinator: Trish Cowan (St. Louis)

Fundraising – Researches, develops, and recommends plans for AEU’s financial health, including development of fundraising initiatives and ethical fundraising standards
Tom Castelnuovo (Brooklyn)

Leadership – Responsible for training Leaders (the clergy of the Ethical Movement), Chaplains, and Officiants who officiate at weddings and other ceremonies. Ethical Culture Leaders promote a deeper understanding of Ethical Culture/Ethical Humanism and work with the Movement to inspire more ethical living.
Leadership Training Dean & Team Leader: Susan Rose (AEU), Training Committee Chair: Kate Lovelady (St. Louis), Chair: Carol Bartell (St Louis) & Jill Aul (Mid Rivers)

Mediation & Law – Provides legal support and conflict resolution when needed
Co-Chairs: Richard Koral (Westchester), Arnold Fishman (Philadelphia)

Membership – Promotes the growth and development of existing and future Ethical Culture Societies, assists in enhancing their effectiveness, and seeks to increase membership
Team Leader: Richard Koral (Westchester)

New Society Development – Assists groups interested in becoming Ethical Societies
Chair: Bill Aul (Mid Rivers)

Personnel – Evaluates staff, updates the Employee Handbook, reviews concerns from staff and sets up a mechanism for redress
Chair: Liz Singer (New York)

Bart Worden, AEU Executive Director, serves ex-officio on all AEU Committees

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