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Some deaths are personal, like the loss of longtime member Bob Gordon, who succumbed to cancer on May 2 of this year...Some deaths come to us as statistics, like the at least 103,700 deaths due to the coronavirus in the US...Some deaths bring real focus to just how fragile human beings are and illuminate the dangers that may await us. George Floyd’s death at the hands of police and captured on video, showed just how easy it is to end someone’s life. Read post here.

Statement on George Floyd and aftermath

Another month, another murder of a black person by white police officers. This time it was George Floyd. When will this injustice end? How many times do the American people have to be confronted with videos of heavily-armed police officers brutally killing restrained and unarmed black men, women, and children before we find our moral voice? Shot in the back. Strangled in a choke-hold. Killed by a knee on the neck. How many more? Read full statement here


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If health care is a right, how do we pay for it?

Posted on 28 Jan 2020

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