• Deed Before Creed

    Ethical Societies are where Humanists, Non-theists, Agnostics, Atheists, Believers, and Non-believers join together.
  • Fighting for Civil & Human Rights

    We strive to act so as to bring out the best in others and thereby in ourselves.
  • Exploring Meaning in Life

    We value the importance of living an ethical, responsible, and joyful life.

Ethical Humanism

Ethical Humanism/Ethical Culture is a moral faith that respects the dignity and worth of all life.
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Ethical Action

Ethical Action enables us to help create a better world for all who share it.
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Ethical Education

Ethical Education programming provides life-long learning for life-long growth.
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Secular Groups Oppose Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination

The American Ethical Union stands for the freedom of individuals to practice their religion and for a strong constitutional separation between US governmental and religious institutions. The Supreme Court of the United States has been crucial in...
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Faith Spotted Eagle is 2018 Elliott-Black Award Winner

Faith Spotted Eagle is a 69 year old grandmother who lives on Ihanktonwan Dakota Territory (Yankton Sioux) in Southeastern South Dakota. She is a fluent speaker of the Dakota Language and a member of the Ihanktonwan, although she descends from...
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President Trump’s Immigration Policy

The Ethical Culture Movement condemns in the strongest terms President Trump’s policy relating to the treatment of political asylum seekers and other immigrants entering the United States at the southern border. Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy is in accord with his abhorrent and racist scapegoating of immigrants and his aggressive strategy of divisiveness in order to sow political chaos, augment his immigration agenda, and appeal to his political base. Read full statement (includes recommendations and history)

AEU Calls for Immigration Reform

On June 20th the President, by executive order, rescinded the policy of separating immigrant and refugee children from their families at our southern border. This is a cause for limited celebration: this policy was an affront to the welfare of children and to the dignity of immigrants who have sacrificed so much to come to a place where they no longer need fear for their safety. Separating children from their parents violates profound ethical principles, cruelly severing the familial bond for no good purpose. Read full statement


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