Watch “Humanitas” from Home

24 May 2020 - 31 May 2020 | 12:01 am - 11:59 pm

Haven’t seen the “Humanitas” film yet? Or want to watch it again? Now you can watch it from home!

Felix Adler (Ritchie Szoke), the founder and philosopher of the Ethical Culture Movement, and W.E.B. DuBois (Joe Tolbert), the author of “the Souls of Black Folk” and activist-scholar, are re-imagined in this histo-contemporary retrospective of July 1900. We journey with Adler and DuBois through a series of poetic prose, soulful music and choreo-movements, as they stir in one another justice through a new lens of nonreligious ethics, African-based spirituality, and civil philosophy.

DuBois, after completing a variety of lectures and books is endowed by spirit-of-rightness with a new love for the intersectionality of Africaniety; where all lives can’t matter until black lives matter. As a result, his passion becomes contagious to anyone who comes in contact with his affectious conscious-kindness–his heart-work becomes the coloring of white spaces. Through an encounter with DuBois, Adler ‘weighs the soul’ of the young negro leader and establishes a life-changing relationship that is solidified at the first Pan-African Conference at the Westminster Hall in London. Adler is also challenged by this consciousness, conflicted by the thoughts of other intellectuals, who reveal a hidden unethical-racist agenda for scholastic fame, and a refusal to acknowledge the true souls and spirits of black folks.



Joe Tolbert, Ritchie Szoke, Sekani Radellant, Elyse Ambrose, Ryan Hill (RJ Love), Brotherhood Dance — Orlando Hunter & Ricarrdo Valentine, Jadele McPherson (Lukumi Arts), Charly Dominguez, E-Raq Diehl Tanika Williams, Kamran Prescott, Law’nence Miller, Bill Lewis, Robert Carito (RBear Carito), James C. Thompson, MehkiEl, and members of the American Ethical Union

Directed & created by Jé Hooper
Cinematographer: Orisha Photos & Cspinfilms Chris Guzman
Photographer/Imaging: Brianna N. Rohlehr
Edited by Chris Cspins Guzman, Dwayne Gayle, Storäe Michele
Music: Jadele McPherson & Lindsey Wilson
Set Director: Steven Styles Cobb
Make-up: Steven Steven ‘T’ Pacheco
Costume Designer: Leesa Thompson
Music producer: Kay’Vion RockBishop Sire